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It is noteworthy that 120 colleagues RASED department make their these 5 points.


Symptomatically, it can take forms more acute, but it’s the same process. – Topics subject to the same dialectic that ordinary subject: what is hard is to pass the pleasure principle to the reality principle. What passes through the master’s voice can be castrating. – Subjects in which the theory of the stages is operative Piaget (sensorimotor stage process step, pre-stage formal (binary manipulation and introduction of a third variable), the last stage).

Questions: Whether you include problem of manic depression or schizophrenia (for teens), what can we do for them? Restates that he speaks of the school world. Disharmony is beyond the stage of the disease. Teenager schooled in this structure is not disabled, but sick.

Instrumental Enrichment Program (IEP). Working on a Rased, this program is less rigid than the other (relative to the theories of Piaget …). Allows you to put in a critical position in relation to student, condemns the current drift, but this tool can be used properly. Do not these approaches caricature. MC says to be wary of learning process that would refer to Freud.

Even if we think about the psychoanalytic side. It should read “literature” devoted to these topics. PEI interest but denounces the use made of it now. <^ Conference Serge Boimare Operation and effects of alternative pedagogy popular mid> Print Add comment

By Claude Beaunis the 29/07/09 – 10:36 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique Salon account academic difficulty Nantes Show 2008 Report of the workshop Marc Chatellier (IDEM44) – Thursday March 27, 2008 – rating: Philip Lavis. The logic of RASED or institutional practice serving pupils Marc is as a teacher (not “school teacher”). For him, there is a difference between institute and profess Its function is “rehabilitator in Educational Psychology” (Master “G” to speak in acronyms).

He holds a PhD in Educational Sciences on entering play. Postulate: the logic of RASED is part of an institutional practice. To check, Marc offers “inverted” map: 1- pupils 2- The logic of RASED 3- Institutional Practice 1- pupils First, there is no question of speaking of 15 % of students mentioned by Serge Boimare at the beginning of his lecture, as these statistics justify government policies and measures. The question to ask is who described the difficulties of students.

The students called “normal” are they different so-called students “in difficulty”? The difficulty is a particular form of language expressed at a time in the student course. Early in the school’s history, we identify students who do not learn.

In 1987, two years before the program Jospin, there are two main approaches: – the logic of adaptation (for students who have no cognitive impairment) – the logic of integration (when one is facing of proven malfunctions requiring special education) in 2002, we are talking Adaptation and Integration school (AIS) nowadays we say “education of students with disabilities.” The problem is that we speak of: is it the child with an affiliation, origin, or the student, who, on behalf of the Law on Education (not Education) compulsory, is stripped out of his status as a child to make it fit in the world of school? Who’s in trouble?

Does the child or student? The nature of the response will be, of course, different in the case. This is the “subject learning,” in fact. And some resist. What types of problems are we facing? – difficulties “intra” (within the school and within the National Education) – trouble “intra” and “inter” (within the school, the student occupation, and manifesting in the relational model to peers and adults). – “meta” Difficulties (intra family, intra and inter school: students learning without knowing how but who either do not speak or use or acting out, like verbal and / or physical and thus disrupt the class).

The importance of language: In school, we are assigned to have a theoretical cover the widest possible. We had Piaget’s theory and that of Walloon, we also have psychoanalytic theory, but at school: no field alone can sum up the learning process. A “subject learning,” which, all day, disrupting the class, talking. This is its instability speaking. One difficulty in school is a call.

That is why the logic of RASED to examine. 2- The logic of RASED The RASED appear in February and April 1990 and involved part of the 1989 Act, the last major educational Act. The logic of RASED comes in 5 points: 1. It is assumed that “when the ship is sinking, it is too late,” a separation from the real logic: we are confronted with difficulties managing it breaks with the dictatorship of reality, we leave the immediacy and try to understand.

Meirieu said that a child struggling in school puts the adult (father, mother, master) in trouble. 2- We go out of the concept of measurement and observation: we share many a request for the teacher, but not necessarily respond. 3- Working on demand, the discourse on representations that the adult is the other he thinks in trouble.

4- It is a work of triangulation “learning about” the child is emancipated to become a third subject. 5- It is a multidisciplinary logic. Three approaches structure this logic: – Master “E”: learning is mainly based on the structure of cognitive processes – Master “G”: the psycho-emotional development, how the child he manages his emotions ? – The school psychologist, which is the interface between cognition and psycho-emotional, it has an accompanying work of parents and has no competence to practice psychological counseling within the school.

3- Institutional Practice A matchmaking is done with 5 invariants Freinet Pedagogy: – No. 1: “The child is the same nature as the adult” – No. 3: “The school behavior a child depends on its physiological state, organic and constitutional. “- No. 7:” Everyone likes to choose his work even if that choice is not advantageous. “- No.

11:” The normal route of acquisition is by no means the observation, explanation and demonstration, essential process of the school, but the experimental trial and error, natural and universal approach. “- No. 14:” Intelligence is not as taught scholasticism, a specific faculty operating as closed circuit, independent of other vital elements of the individual. “It is noteworthy that 120 colleagues RASED department make their these 5 points.

This institutional practice – not cut, not into chunks child – a master E who works alone, it’s not a RASED can you help me with homework in canada
. – assumes that subjects can only work from the language – do not lock the child / pupil in a new posture, the request comes from one who knows, – supposes a team every day – integrates the child / student in self assessment against its difficulties. The film “RASED, the time to help” could be viewed due to time constraints.

This documentary Fanny Clement offers an in-depth discovery of the professional approach of specialized teachers, hoping to show that in most situations, educational difficulties are not inevitable. The role of the school psychologist is approached by Benedicte Memin tray, school psychologist RASED Arbresle.

Also invited on set – Felix Gentili, author of a thesis in Educational Sciences entitled “The rehabilitation against the school, against all” – Philippe Meirieu, director of the IUFM of Lyon. Print Add comment
By Jean-Charles Huver on 29/07/09 – 3:03 p.m. In: Gr Music and Arts> Music and The Forgotten ear..

There was a time, there may be a few places where the auditory attention capacity, fineness of hearing were vitally important to locate the game, water, or other danger: the ear is the organ of vigilance and direct contact, deep and continuous with the vibrations of our surroundings.

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