BPSC interview is a half-an-hour exercise that can change the fate of a candidate from unsuccessful to a successful person in the society. A high source in BPSC interview can create a big difference of more than 50 to  100 marks with fellow candidates in just within half-an-hour time. The nature of BPSC Interview is different from those of other services interview. The candidates aspiring for civil services are going to be interviewed by a board already aware of their personal as well professional track record.

The purpose of the interview is to assess the personality of the candidate for a career in public service by a board of competent and having a great experience of their works. So any candidate who is going to face interview should most have some of the most important qualities to crack the BPSC interview. The interview is intended to judge the mental strength of a candidate i.e. an assessment of not only his intellectual abilities also social traits, critical analysis, clarity in thoughts and leadership quality etc. Hence every candidate should prepare the interview in a holistic manner to crack the interview thus our academy.

Discourse Academy have planned a wider and multi dimensional strategy under the leadership of Rakesh Kumar Jha,  author and interview expert,   S.K. Saxena, Ex-Bureaucrat  and academician and also other more eminent personalities to guide budding civil servant and make them successful. Dear aspirants it is possible only when we both work together, have faith in our abilities to translate our mental energy towards the script the word “Success” , because we all want success and it requires a lot of hard-work, patience, optimistic attitude, dedication, concentration, motivation, good communication, better orator, critical analysis power, interest in social, national and international issues and high spirit of learning attitude.

So for all these qualities we invite all successful candidates who have cleared BPSC (60-62) mains examination with their great efforts and hard-work, the same temperament must be continued till the interview is over. As it is saying well begun is half-done so you should start your preparation with immediate effect without any delay or doubt because you have limited time.

We happily share with all BPSC Interview candidates regarding our Interview plan.

Our work plan:

  • 1.       Bio-Data Analysis.
  • 2.       Discussion of various issues social Political, Eco, International, Sports, Geo, Art-Culture, History, Environment, current affairs, etc.
  • 3.       Emphasis would be given on communication skill.
  • 4.       Doubt—clearing session.
  • 5.       Knowledge Enhancement programme.
  • 6.       Mock—Interview session.
  • 7.       Confidence breeding exercises.
  • 8.       Tricks for mental strength towards the psychological questions asked by the board members.
  • 9.       How to evolve a good strategy for a proper, quick and correct answer to any questions?
  • 10.   How to respond unware questions, facts and figures and confidence measuring questions?


Suggested Books Reading

Dear aspirants for better understanding and critical analysis you need to read more and more always. Hence you can read some following useful books:

1. India 2020: A vision for the New Millennium by APJ Abdul Kalam.

2.  India’s  struggle for independence.

3. Character and Nation Building y M.K. Gandhi.

4. How to become an IAS by Dr. Vijay Agarwal.

5. India after Gandhi by R. Guha

And some more books in the gist form which will help you in the shaping your thoughts in an analytical, critical and enlightened manner which will give positive impression towards the interview board members that leads to the path of success which you guys have been dreaming since last ten years.

We wish best of luck for all candidates.

God bless all of you!

Our Past Legacy

We guided many students for UPSC and other state PCS exams for the interview and our students got success in their respective exams who are like-Hemant Sati, IAS, Sumit Gandhi, IAS, Neeta Bhartiya, Dy. S.P., Pradeed Kumar Tripathi, (UPPCS), Rakesh Kumar (UP-PCS), Pranav Kumar Pathak (UP- PCS), Ajitesh Kumar Singh (JPSC), Sunil Kumar (JPSC) and many more candidates with whom we worked hard and saliently without uttering and  making any noise we all collectively nurtured their dream tirelessly, constantly and  result-oriented always. Now once again we extend our offer to all the BPSC mains qualified students to join our unique, innovative, enlightened, distinct and result oriented Interview Skill Development Programme ‘ISDP’ with our Academy-Discourse Academy where you can meet with a galaxy of intellectuals and we all help you in your quest for success.

“Lead your life like a pencil when and where you need to correct your mistakes, you can correct, that’s the life.”